The Google Analytics Experience: Marketing insights

 Amrita Analytics lab being a Analytics and Data science community driven by students, it is very important for us to reach out to people and promote ourselves and the presence on the internet is very important for us. It was important for us to understand the impact we were making on the internet. Though our impact has been very limited in the past one since inception, we are making some progress and an important tool that helps us keep track of our activities is Google Analytics.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the insights from Google Analytics especially as analytics professionals. In this blog post I will try to shed some light on the features that Google Analytics provides.

Google Analytics: Examples

To start with Google Analytics comes with many features and insights. Getting used to all features will take time. However you have the option of maintaining a dashboard with only those analytics that are relevant to you.

You could go to the Customization section in the sidebar and select Dashboards to use the default reports. Google analytics gives you the option of creating your own dashboard.

You could add the widgets or reports relevant to your business or market to this Dashboard and keep a watch on your digital marketing activities.

Some Reports we found important

I have used the Google Analytics android app as I get access to reports while I’m on the move. You can get the app here.

The opening page shows the weekly insights for your website. The comparison shown in terms of increase in traffic(as numbers/percentage) is with respect to the previous week. The bar on top shows live visitors. The web app also shows what pages are currently being used by the current visitor.

You could click on the date range and customize it to daily, monthly or any custom range.

The sidebar could be used to look at other reports for audience info, behavioral info etc which we will discuss further in this blog.

Another really cool feature Google has introduced is the intelligence bot. It is a google assistant like utility that acts as a bot who will answer all your queries regarding insights. You could ask the bot any insight you have in mind. This saves time and relieves you from browsing through the sidebar.

Type almost anything and Google Analytics will give you the right insights.

I tried searching for the Regions were I get hits from


Coming back to the weekly reports from the menu. Below I have displayed some really useful stats which will help you understand your market.

Click the small filter button on the top right corner to get options to filter your data.

There are many other options to explore in the Google Analytics app. You could get details of sessions on your website, mobile devices etc.

In this way, Google Analytics becomes a very powerful tool for tracking your Website traffic and any Digital Marketing of your brand using your website. Combined with a good SEO application, you could achieve great reach for your website and brand.

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