My Journey At Amrita

This post was written by our writer Aravind Mani. Dedicated to all our classmates and professors.

The Journey at Amrita started for me in the 3rd week of June 2016.In the beginning, while doing Masters I feared that all would be elder to me and it is difficult to cope or survive the whole 2 years I thought. But all my perceptions were wrong as all the people in the class talked very friendly which I didn’t expect and I felt so happy.

Initially, I didn’t mingle with all as I was hanging out with some people and after I came to know about all the people in the class I got the desire to mingle and have fun. But my desire got fulfilled during the Amritapuri trip where I got an opportunity to open up myself and become a good friend to all of you in the class. During the train
journey, we all enjoyed a lot and we traveled during Vishnu’s birthday and he was so emotional when we celebrated his birthday by cutting the cake and giving birthday beatings in the train.

Along with us, Rajan Sir was there he was so awesome who gels with the students so well and helps all when they are in need of something.

Though the trip was a spiritual one, we all enjoyed it a lot as we all were together and went out to a far place together for the first time.

During the travel we all enjoyed by singing songs, playing and making fun of everyone. Manoj sir used to came and talked to all the people in the train and made sure that all are comfortable. After that trip, everyone was waiting for one more trip like this, but we didn’t get a chance soon. After coming to this college for the first time I celebrated Onam grandly. During the previous night arranging things for the event and helping other for putting Poo kolam in the main hall. Though the event didn’t go well as per we planned, some things we enjoyed and got a new experience and it was learning for all of us to how to proceed an event next time.

After some gap the event organizers of our college planned for Dandya night which was held for the first time in our college. It was awesome as there were many fun activities and Dandiya dance at the ground. Finally had a good food after the event by skipping boring hostel food. After many functions related to all cultures was done in the college then the college conducted an event which doesn’t have any culture or religion which was sports day. At first, many people were not willing to take part, but after a lot of some emotional dramas all turned up and made the event huge success. Though our year didn’t win all the game, we enjoyed a lot and won hearts of many people by playing fairly.

The last event of the first year was Farewell to our seniors and all in the class wanted to do this very grandly and change the perceptions of all the people and show what we are capable off.

The event organizers planned it superbly by looking at each and everything minutely and planned it great. The theme of the farewell was superb as the mood in the hall was full of party mode and all enjoyed. All the seniors were surprised by the arrangements and went emotional. Last but not least in the first year was our last exam that no one in our batch can forget it. R exam which was conducted on March 28, 2016, on Thomas birthday. As no one knew anything in R we started to share the answers through email and were caught in action by Priyanshi mam and some people were called for an inquiry. The highlight of the inquiry was Anoosh missing his flight by 5 minutes and waited in the airport for the whole day until the next flight came. Sruthy who stood for long hours without knowing that her name was not on the list of copying.

Though it started seriously with an inquiry afterward when all thought about it. All got laugh and ended the first year in a superb manner. All then went to do Internships for 2 months and in between met each other during Visa verification and Visa interview.

During the internship time, I got a major breakthrough to showcase my talents on courtesy of Vishnu and Shraddha who suggested my name in LinkedIn for content writing. Initially, I thought I can’t make it but due to support and motivation, I got from the class I was able to take it up and started to get a good number of views. Vivek who initially helped me in editing my blogs and gave suggestions to improve. During this time, I came to know the value of friendship and learned one thing that we should motivate a person when he is good at something by encouraging him.

At last, the dreams of many people came true by preparing our self for the US trip as many people took this course due to US trip and MS course. Before going to the trip we all went with fear as they gave some big bundles of Case Studies and assignments to do and submit on the first day of the class. When we arrived in New York it was a dream come true for all of us and started to enjoy the moment.

After going through classes of Ajay sir all the perceptions we had before entering his class vanished away. As he was super cool and thought us how to deal or face a person when we are asked questions all around. In the trip, I can’t forget 2 things the first one is Niagara Falls which was a great experience and got goosebumps when I saw the view. The second one was during the baseball match when I got the ball from the game.

During the trip, we all came to know the other face of Manoj sir who helped everyone during the trip when we faced difficulties To be frank, before the trip many of us in the class didn’t talk to Manoj sir as we talked during the trip. He also gave us tips on where to buy chocolates and some stuff and gave company to all still we finish our
case study preparation. The fun part of the trip was when the fire alarm broke up while sir was cooking Dosa and it was during the Birthday of Revathy and Sachin. All came rushing outside just like that without knowing what is going on, but Rohit who came up with the file in which he had his  passport and some people came up with their case studies and had a lot of fun during that time.Many people in the class loved the food in the C3 dining hall and no one was feeling to go from there as there were a lot of varieties of food. Finally, we all headed to New York after the course ended and went for a 1-day trip to NY.

After returning India all started to go to their specialization and we all met together only during the MS Courses. In the second year, we conducted Envisage and Ice-breaking for the juniors back to back successfully. Then came the important phase of everyone’s life placement. Thomas and Vivek were the first one to be placed from our batch and many kept on getting placed thereby.

During the sports day, I was very happy as many from our class came to support me when a guy questioned me not only from our batch I also got support from Juniors. That time I felt like I achieved something. As the time passed fast the day came which most of them waited not to come which was the farewell. It was an emotional day for all of us.

Though all wanted to leave this college in some corner of our heart says that we will miss the fun life of the college in the future.

The juniors all touched our heart by giving the most precious gift which no one gets in life by getting the thumb imprints of all students in our class for all of us. This class and college have thought me many things and I learned many things from all of you. Thanks for everything that I got from you as many helped me during my hard times. This will be one of the batches I remember till my end. Stay in touch and invite all of us when you get married or during some functions.

Special thanks to 2 superb Class rep Shraddha and Thomas who has got many scolding’s on behalf of us and did much extra work during SIP and allotting groups. Thanks to Vishnu, Rohit, and Sachin for starting Analytics group which made many people take up the course which many thought it will be difficult to pursue and get a job after they complete. They 3 broke the perceptions of the people who thought that people doing analytics won’t get a job.

Thanks, Prashob Sir for giving me a post of Sports analyst of our college site b keeping faith in me. Last but not least sorry for the people whom I have hurt or fought with you guys during this 2 year. Keep in touch guys. I won’t forget you all and the fun which you make of me since while making fun of me all become active in the group and I feel proud at times.

Though we step out from this college our bodies only goes out from here but our memories still stay here!!

Love you all guys and will miss you all!


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