MS Dhoni is one of the most decorated player in Cricketing history. Who has been into lot of fame and criticisms. He started his career with a duck against Bangladesh, but went on to win many matches for his nation. He is known for his calmness in the field and selfless cricketer. He is a player who doesn’t care about critics as he keeps on going by doing his job. He is known for his Helicopter shot and finishing the matches with six. Let’s go through some of the stats of him in ODIs


AS CAPTAIN 199 6633 53.92 86.29 6 47
NON-CAPTAIN 102 3025 39.80 96.26 3 18

Since he took over the captaincy he has led India in 199 ODIs from 2007-2016.As a captain he averages more than when he was not a captain which is incredibly high and the difference of average is 14.12.

Performance of Dhoni by Year in ODIs

2004 3 19 9.5
2005 27 895 49.72
2006 29 821 41.05
2007 37 1103 44.12
2008 29 1097 57.74
2009 29 1198 70.47
2010 18 600 46.15
2011 24 764 58.77
2012 16 524 65.5
2013 26 753 62.75
2014 12 418 52.25
2015 20 640 45.71
2016 13 278 27.8
2017 18 548 91.33

It is seen that he has crossed 1000 run mark in Calendar year thrice. His average has been above 40 between 2005-2015 and 2017.His highest average was 91.33 in 2017 and lowest being 9.5 in 2004 where he played only 3 matches. His batting came under scrutiny in the year 2016 where he averaged just 27.8 and managed to score only 1 fifty in that year. But in 2017 he came back with a bang where he is averaging 91.33 with more matches to be played in this year. His batting has improved a lot this year after giving up his captaincy.

Top 5 run Getters for India

Sachin Tendulkar 463 18426 200* 96 49
Sourav Ganguly 308 11221 183 71 22
Rahul Dravid 340 10768 153 82 12
MS Dhoni 301 9658 183* 65 9
Mohamed Azharudin 308 9378 153* 58 7

MS Dhoni is the 4th leading run scorer for India, which his topped by Sachin who has scored twice the amount of runs Dhoni has scored in his career. He can also cross 10.000 run mark in future if he plays like this. He is currently in 13th position in overall leading run scorer and he needs around 1000 runs to jump into top 10 leading run scorers.

Most No of Not Outs in ODIs

MS Dhoni 259 74 9658 52.2 65
Shaun Pollock 205 72 3519 26.45 14
Chaminda Vass 220 72 2025 13.68 1
Michael Bevan 196 67 6912 53.58 45
M Muralitharan 162 63 674 6.8 0

In the list of most Not Out’s Dhoni leads the pack with 74.He recently broke the record during Srilanka series where he went past Shaun Pollock and Chaminda Vass tally of 72,who has kept the record for long time. It is also difficult for any player in the future to break this record. Dhoni is also considered to be one of the best finishers in ODIs after Bevan and he has won several matches for India. He averages 75.31 when India has won.


MSD he is known for his unusual wicket-keeping techniques. He holds the record for fastest stumping when he stumped-out Mitch Marsh in 0.09 seconds. He has a total of 383 dismissals and he is in 4th position for most dismissals as a Wicket-Keeper in ODIs which is topped by Kumar Sangakkara. He also has the most number of stumping’s in ODIs and he became the first man on earth to achieve 100 stumping’s. Since all the players in top 3 have retired it will be easy for him into top position. His score of 183* is the highest individual score by a Wicket-keeper in ODIs.

Player Matches Innings Dismissals Catches Stumping’s
Kumar Sangakkara 404 353 482 383 99
Adam Gilchrist 287 281 472 417 55
Mark Boucher 295 290 422 402 22
MS Dhoni 301 296 383 283 100
Moin Khan 219 209 287 214 73


Player Matches Won Lost Tied NR Country
Ricky Ponting 230 165 51 2 12 AUS
MS Dhoni 199 110 74 4 11 IND
Allan Border 178 107 67 1 3 AUS
WJ Cronje 138 99 35 1 3 NZ
Stephen Fleming 218 98 106 1 13 NZ


MS Dhoni is the most successful captain for India with 110 wins and he went past Azharudin’s tally of 90 wins. He is the second most successful captain in terms of win, which is topped by Ricky Ponting with 165 wins. His win percentage is thing must be considered that Dhoni captained the team which was not having a quality bowling attack as Cronje and Ponting had in past. In addition to captaining the side he was keeping the wickets as well.

From the above stats it is evident Dhoni has become more matured player over the years with his hard hitting capabilities. Dhoni as a captain has achieved many things and his main reason for success was always he goes for the kill than playing it safe. As a Wicket-Keeper he shows how effective he is for his bowlers, who stops the flow of runs. His proactive approach behind stumps has helped his team to win some crucial matches.MS Dhoni stats have been great and it is known that he had great impact on team. He holds record for winning all 3 major cups. He is also continuing his great run of form as stats suggest. This trend could mean he would continue the form till the next world-cup.

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