Hans Rosling: The Best stats you’ve ever seen

Happen to have seen this excellent TED talk by Hans Rosling, which is featured in the top 10 TED talks for Data Scientists . The talk is from 2006, and it’s awesome. I thought I should share it here, since I know many who are working tirelessly on their Masters Thesis right now, I’m sure this will of use to them. It would be useful for people who are working on some research and finding their way around statistic or gathering data.

In case you haven’t heard of Hans Rosling, he was a Swedish physician and statistician and was also the co-founder and chairman of Gapminder Foundation(You could also check out the cool).

The TED talk is a must watch for all statisticians and Data scientists or anyone working with analytics. Dr. Rosling was one of the earliest data visionaries and has spread the message of availability of data to all. We see a trend where data is becoming public, but this video is from 2006 when this was not a reality. Just when data started becoming open, Dr. Rosling left the world.

In his talk he talk about the power of data and how it can influence policy making and how all this data is there but not available to the masses.

So go ahead an watch this inspiring video, which might have sparked the revolution for easily accessible data.

Video courtesy TED. Ownership of the video lies with TED. Used in this blog post under Creative Commons license, Attribution–Non Commercial–No Derivatives (or the CC BY – NC – ND 4.0 International)

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