Google Colaboratory is here!

This came to my notice yesterday. Google has rolled out Google Colaboratory, a cloud based Jupyter notebook instance. As the name suggests, Google Colaboratory is meant for colaboration in Data science projects or training. It is a cloud based environment, with a Google office suite based Jupyter notebook.

You can search for the Colaboratory project on Google or click here. You would most likely land on this screen


You can’t edit or use the Jupyter notebook just yet. Click on the connect on top and sign up for the colaboratory project when prompted. You would land on this page

Sign up and wait till you receive a mail from Google. I recently received the mail.

Click the link, and it will redirect you to Google Colaboratory. You could access some of the free tutorials available or go ahead if you are confident with Jupyter notebooks. 

Working with Google Drives

Colaboratory works just like a local Jupyter environment, yet it is hosted on you personal Google drive account. The saved files go to your google drive and can be retreived anytime from the drive. You may want to install the necessary plug-in for Google drive if you wish to launch Colaboratory from within the Drive. You could do so by going to connect more apps and installing it form there.

Going back to the notebook, you could check out some of our other blogs to understand how to use Jupyter on local and other cloud services.


The best part about this new notebook from google is the ability to colaborate while coding. You could click the share link and have your friends, colleagues help you out with code. 

Colaboratory can also install Python packages from within the notebook. You could use the following syntax within a code cell

!pip install -q <package name>

In this way you have a powerful Python environment with a sharable and editable Notebook on the cloud. Save on memory and collaborate to make powerful data science projects. Happy Coding! Happy Collaborating! ??

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