Our Approach

Our mission is to provide customized effective and affordable analytical solutions which are easy to use.

Our vision is to educate people about the benefits of using analytics in business and benefiting from it.

Our Story

We are a group of data analysts specializing in providing business solutions through data driven technologies and take up consulting, training, and commercial projects.

AAL is venturing in to the forefront of technological innovation through both data processing strength and application development. We ensure that our applications help clients to grab insights from complex data sets with ease. We are sure that, entrepreneurial drive, combined with a shared passion for targeted results will ensure the solid presence of AAL in the analytics space very soon.

Meet the Team

AAL has a proactive and hardworking Team who are always on their toes, helping people leverage the maximum out of their data.

Dr. Prashobh Palakkeel

Principal Analyst

Dr. Prashobhan Palakkeel is the principal analyst and mentor at AAL. He founded the Center for Business Analytics, Bangalore in 2006 and currently serving as the principal analyst. He deals with economic and business research, data analysis, model building and forecasting at the center. He is working as an assistant professor in the Amrita School of Business, Amrita University, Bangalore. In the last couple of years he has established a stream in business analytics for the management students with a number of industry relevant courses. The curriculum developed by him has been widely accepted by both academia and industry.  He teaches statistics, management science, research methods, business analytics, economics, and finance and operation management. He also trains students in statistical programming using R.

Sachin Varriar


Sachin Varriar is an Analyst at AAL. He has an expertise in data mining, statistical tools, machine learning and visualizations. He has worked on development of predictive and statistical models, while also contributing to Pre-sales activities for data science solutions and has expertise in handling SQL, NOSQL and Big Data. Sachin is a Analytics enthusiast and has an interest for Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Teaching students about the same. He has visited various Engineering colleges in Kerala and guided young engineers into the data science community. Sachin is pursuing his Masters with a specialization in Business Analytics and Systems

Rohit Mattah


Rohit is an Analyst at AAL, he holds a bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering. He has an expertise in machine learning, deep learning and data visualizations. He has worked on development of advanced dashboards. He is an active participant on various Data science Hackathons. Rohit is pursuing his Masters with a specialization in Business Analytics and Systems.

Vishnu Kurup M K


Vishnu Kurup M K is an Analyst at AAL. Former Operation Engineer who has an expertise in handling operational data and statistical tools with a focus on Supply chain Analytics. He has worked on development of scheduling and optimization models. Vishnu is a SMAC enthusiast, curious about what data can communicate and interested in analyzing trends in Data. Vishnu is pursuing a Masters in Operations and Business Analytics & Systems


Aravind Mani

Sports Analyst

Aravind Mani is a sports analyst at AAL, who is passionate about what he does. He is currently working as a freelance sports writer at Cricwizz and Agiliztech. He is also a quiz master for Cricwizz. He deals with post match statistical analysis for various sports and has high expertise handling sports data. He is also interested in Supply chain Analytics and has expertise on linear programming models. Aravind is pursuing his Masters in Operations, Business Analytics and Systems.

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